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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bee Removal Oak Tree

This is a great example of a bait hive set-up on a large oak tree. The hive has been present for quite some time, and at least one point in the past there was a failed attempt to exterminate the hive. With the proper set-up and follow-up a bait hive can be quite effective at removing bees from unwanted locations.

Santa Barbara Bee Company - "A full service bee company!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Santa Barbara Bee Removal

Here is a another example of bees moving into a roof space behind eaves that were not properly sealed. The bees have a hard time resisting a space that has a defensible (small opening) space that leads to a larger area behind. These bees were relocated before roofers were going to remove and replace the roof.

Santa Barbara Bee Company - "A full service bee company!"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Live Bee Removal Santa Barbara

Live Bee Removal.  Here is a series of photos that take you through the process of set-up, removal, clean-up before repair, and then the drywall patch to repair.  The room is left the way it was found, clean and ready for living (minus a bit of touch up paint for the ceiling).

1)  Small hive that moved into attic space
through the vent.

2)  A shot of the room that has been screened off
to help protect against dust, debris, and bees.

3) Bees and comb removed, insulation is placed in
space after entrance has been closed.

4) The drywall is patched, taped, and first coat
of mud applied before clean-up.

Santa Barbara Bee Company - "A full service bee company!"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bee Removal Goleta

This is a great example of a hive that was located in the floor space of a backyard shed.  The bees went unnoticed for more than a year since the hive entrance was on the side of the shed.  The owner happened to notice a large amount of bees one sunny afternoon and tracked them back to the opening.

This was a piece of the floor that was cut out and flipped upside down to
reveal the hive.  Once the hive and bees were removed, the entrance was sealed,
insulation was used to fill the space, and the floor was repaired.

Santa Barbara Bee Company - "A full service bee company!"